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I am an Art Student at MIT and I am also a Comic/Street Artist

19, Comicology — My Seminar


I started off knowing exactly what I wanted to say. But once, I got going. I realized that I choked a little. I din’t understand why I was feeling like this. Although, my topic was about Comics. I was annoyed that half of my notes weren’t there on my power-point and I found myself little off topic because I didn’t know what I was talking about either. In the end, I felt that I didn’t do so well with it. It was awkward that I wasn’t asked questions. I knew that I was going to screw it up. I didn’t know what to do afterwards. Overall, I could have done better and I will do better, next year. I guess, I just wasn’t prepared enough o go through with the slides I was going to talk about in my seminar.


28, Creative Hustle, lecture & 2/Artist Talks


The gallery of showing an art work sale, what happens through the world of Arts. Margaret Wall had a show that sold many, she showed 9 paper work over a couple of thousand dollars. She representing Tonga and Motifs. Yuki Hara made these works on paper, paper cut out which set her mark, branding her work, creating self-portraits. Examples like the Dusky Maiden, Women in nudity, which is pushing the boundaries to another way of life. She was performing in Paris, France lasting for 2-3 minutes. It became a favourable like of work. She would do this event and would get a valuable pay, she is well-known for in New Zealand, but especially in the States. Jordan Souza is a Tattoo artist and came in 2010. Jordan was also a wood-carver as well, but he also wanted to make money too. New Flava Barbers by Allen Tonkin. He designs all the styles of hair cutting, styling others. Vinesh Kumaran has built his practice, he grew up in South side. As a Photographer, he was shooting a company for work-wear, for a whole day on a mannequin.


[#1]: Benjamin Work. Graffiti Artist of Tongan descent. He went to Edgewater College, He was trying to discover himself, through his own tag. His grades were good, he didn’t take Art anymore. He continued this way of tagging. He wanted to make a name for himself, where you got Gang related to develope this art form that he was heavily influence and like the movie, Colours. He grew up knowing about this LA lifestyle, influenced was Dazed52 in Pukaranga. People that were far better than him, that most gave up or went to jail. In the Graffiti movement, people compares themselves that he follows this method. After many years of experimenting was to burn the opposition where you’re competing against someone else. This was a jam in Sydney that it was too much for them. Letters, no characters and background is what decorates the background, looking at the style. This is a wall in Ponsonby which was a group effort. Graffiti is painting really fast and then it could have been gone tomorrow. The value doesn’t count and you have no say is not important. He tried to value himself as a person and an artist. The Birthday Banner Story, then his family brought him a bed sheet and he had to deal with it. It was for his nephew, Zachariah. Soon, everyone wanted these banners for him, like his Family, Friends, then Friends with their families and then strangers. [1], Humble Beginnings, don’t despise them. [2] , Opportunities could open up doors. [3], End of his banner work, others knew his was good. TMV is a Graffiti crew, recently his friend Elliot dis this commission to paint all of this stuff in his name. Tongan Arts Collective, arts exhibition where people network and work together by helping each other out. It really helps when others work together and make something new about themselves. Expectations, what they are of you and communication is very key and someone might expect too much and you can’t handle it and then you don’t know how to and you have to show 10 works, but you only have two. Expectations in your life, what do you desire and what do you expect from out of this course. 2006, Gospel Graffiti who create art and went to Mexico, people from all over the world. For him, it was how he loved doing work in these collectives, doing positive things and he left, because who you are is what you’ll be in the future. He realised he believed that he came out. It does a work of Sio, Tongan for look and it’s quite interesting, I thought. He did a work at Fresh Gallery, one that speaks about himself, but he’s still trying to find the significance of that.

[#2]: Martin Leung-Wai. Talks about Creative Hustle. Made a bag logo with THE ROOTS. He loves to draw and studied at Unitec, he also went to De La Selle too. He starting making models, using Photoshop and the thesis was one of the things that he likes to do, like dance. It all about the hierarchy of the space. How we acknowledge the space. After he finished studies, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t have any jobs and for six months, he was applying for jobs and no one didn’t want him, so he ended up doing other stuff. He went to Europe, Spain, Switzerland and then went back to New Zealand, so during that time he started expressing his creativity. His family was so supportive, and then he just ended up making portraits for families. His friend started a Creative Native. The projects he does now is about doing consultations and went to an interview for a public viewing. This new building in Manukau, but he didn’t get it. Does it matter? was at Fresh Gallery. It was a piece he made. THE ROOTS of South Pacific Architecture started when he collaborated with Ema, talking about the Creative Collective and all these ideas had to be realistic. Always open to everyone, involved with a lot of projects. The skills were all based on their workshops using these inorganic rubbish, now this year they were using bamboo. The Garden of Avondale is where they engage with primary schools, they planned this with the Principal, which was for free. Bamboo had to be sourced for themselves, used to create a fence. The gateway installing into one of the schools. Timber donated from ITM, Tyres from the shredding company and Compost, also Soil where they passed the bucket around. It was fun for them. Rosebank, everyone having fun. Seedlings, people planting seeds. This was the event and had kids’ rides. Ran for two days, all these workshops, etc. Planting, Tyres, Windmills, Lashings, Murals and also Kapa Haka Group performance. Three weeks later, all the vegetables were finished growing. Now the school sells the vegetables. Keeping it Roots, the budget was about $100K. After that, he started The Greener House. Inspiring the community. The Process was Supply, Sort, Assemble, Frame and Build. The Price was about $4K.

11, Keywords for All Lectures

  • Colonisation, Empowering, Centre/Margins, Imperial, Epeli Hau’Ofa,
    Our Sea of Islands, Oceania, Pacific History, Thought and Independence.
  • #SouthAuckland, Blog, Voice, Heart, Pacific, Discipline, Oceania, Otara, Identity,
    Online, Tumblr, Diaspora, Autobiographic, Curating, Holistic, Tattoo, Writing and Virtual.
  • Disadvantage, Taboo, Margin, Fa’afafine, Xena/X-Men, Power, Discipline, Control,
    Genealogy, Gender, Represent, Under Appreciated, Queer, Luisa’s Seminar and Gaze.
  • Doves, Religion, Tradition, Passion, Pin-Up Angels, Tongan, Identity, Experience,
    Addiction, Blood, Mr. Cartoon, Stan Lolohea, Tatau and Tattoos.
  • Superheroes, Armageddon, Life Drawing, Digital, Self-taught, Headlock, Manga Studio,
    Comics, Arkham City Comics, Southeast, Hand-drawn, Michel Mulipula.
  • Historical, Toasting, Signifying Monkey, Reggae, Black and White,
    Culture, Reappropriation, Call and Response, Beef with Someone,
    Dam Native, Dawn Raid Entertainment, New School Hip Hop,
    Tupac, Suga Pop, NWA and Nesian Mystic.
  • Aids, Network, Graffitti, Values, Boundaries, Hustle, Ykui, Roots, Expectations,
    Improvement, Humble Beginnings, Benjiman Work and Martin Leung-Wai.

27, Diaspora Drama & Artist Talk by Kesa


Diaspora means when you do research, it comes up many times in a search browser. Anyone who isn’t JAMES, of Tangata Te Whenua. How Pacific Islanders present themselves in their homeland. It talks about dissemination, migration disposition, displacement and scattering. When people have moved here, it difined by a protest that happened years ago with the Black Panther movement. They organised a march, it wasn’t so successful. Representation. Reviewer for Harry, played by Oscar. Creative NZ made a promotional postcard in 2001, full body white paint. This is what happens here, we forget where we came from with Installation views.


ARTIST TALK: She talks about what she wears a Evala, since she just went to a Samoan funeral. Which is like a fine art form. She enjoys the whole interactive interaction of each individual. temporal. All artists that present a heritage. To name a few of them; Comtemporary: Stan Lolohea, Genevere, Robin White, Michel Mulipola, Leilani Kake, Tanu Gago and Konai Helu Thaman, also Comics. Traditional: Tau Tattoo, Dusky Maiden Dance, John Pule and Hair-cutting, Nikki Hanson too. They don’t use the traditional in the Pacific world. When Te Papa opened, this word implies that this world is static and not so much as traditional. She went to Uni and didn’t understand of these terminologies. She never uses these words, afterwards her family reads each others stuff. She kept working there and as a Curator. Leaving Te Papa, interested in still work, in Women’s art as art forms and as a fine art form. Performer, is a material art. They make tapa cloths, its part of this process in her work. This is an art form that is quite significant to these art forms she had learned throughout her entire job status. Heritage, it wasn’t used in this terminology. Taking traditional out of Creative NZ, to use this word, Heritage instead of Traditional. Making these people understand the word of Heritage. They were going through the same conversations, trying to talk about through different culture groups, but in a Tongan Perspective. You are responsible for this term of terminology, they use this word Heritage to make others understand the differences between Traditional and Heritage. There a lot more depth in that. Art forms are found as traditional. It’s what they are drawn into and these guys are in and out of the gallery. Why? They wear a living art form. It questions what she has learned and to make everyone understand, what is a contemporary art. The differences between Contemporary, Heritage and Traditional. It makes sense for her now. This is where our source of inspiration comes from, creating works to put them in a gallery. Display them there and get a wonderful response, whether it is positive or negative. It doesn’t matter, it is alright to make mistake. Negative feedback is good, because you can learn from those mistakes you were told about and that these things can be fixed whether you realise it or not. It is like saying, Your work sucks, but it could improve by more and greater and outstanding works that others have never seen before.  When meeting new people, it is good to introduce yourself, they were very impressed on how these works had turned out, such a great turn out too. People hold these collaborations of many examples of this gallery she visited. She was impressed with Robin White’s work. She enjoyed it very much. Two Rooms Gallery was who’s who in mainstream art. It was quite sad for her, because it wouldn’t be a Tongan Creative. But it was amazing and great, it was quite stunning and the pigments they used. Knowledge involved and this master of rituals are included. Robin became a huge part of her experiences and she continues this way of involvement.

26, Grant’s Tips & Guidelines


Writing an essay. Always come up with a good question. Is this going to answer my question? As you’re reading, a number of text as a base of your essay that could connect other ideas. Trying to create a network of ideas, which is an artists work. Introduce others to what they don’t know about. Reference these ideas in your essay.  Always use images, not just text. Key quotations, either put into a Powerpoint or in a narrative perspective. You can move slides around, back and forth or have them laid out on the floor. Some of them, drop out and you can block them around and then you can start telling the story.

Never use anyones words unless it is summarised into your own words. Find an artist of an image, for example. Use this as a link in terms of style and movement. Finding the right thing to connect these two paths. Grant can read these weird things and he can understand them when he talks about these things. In your own experience, you can involve your own work if it helps. But you must make a framework around that area of what you know about this topic. Which will help you with your essay. It must have a Statement, then insert an Example and then give quite detailed explanation to prove the point you are talking about in this piece of work.

Video by Steven Johnson, it is an animated comic video which is created with a whiteboard marker, a whiteboard and a video camera. A back and white sequence that the only colour added in this video is in red. It is a video about Creativity, which tells how people comes up with these different ideas that create on our own. It is an essay through animation.

The course outline. This is a 16 week essay. I plan to do my essay tomorrow, to come up with a few ideas. I want to talk about the differences between artwork and history. Seminar is the 14 June and Essay is the 28th June 2013.

27, Artist Talk by Rebecca Hobbs


Hip is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live, KRS-one

The four elements are Breakdancing, Graffiti, Dancing and DJaying.
In the 70’s — it had the Black people movement, which carried out for many years.
Hip Hop became like a space where people could hang out with their friends.

This was more like a poetic verses about a Monkey, a Lion and an Elephant. A fight between the monkey and the lion. This was referenced to “Yo’ Momma Jokes” — The storytelling of these monkey been weak, but the lion is strong.

The Historical Timeline was a backlash against disco. Studio 54. People going to nightclubs and taking drugs which was involved in the Disco era. Import Disco Loop into Disco with Hip Hop. Lyrical content and lyrics became more metaphorical.

Like, New School Hip Hop with drum machine, including Rock music. The Golden Age would be Salt & Pepper into the late 80’s and then NWA with Gangster Rap. Dr Dre start in 1992 with Gangster Rap as well. The clothes get tighter and loose. Gold chain represents African music, and in Hip Hop are important of this language in Hip Hop. It identifies more in the culture, the visual language of this, own personal success and history of the change in Hip Hop. NWA and Wu-Tang started with people like Tupac. DJ Skew in the 90’s of Chopped’n’Screwed. Hip Hop has become global and relates to the four elements.

Hip Hop in Aotearoa; Savage is a good example, and also Che-Fu. 15000 Samoans were living in America. Samoan Navy families were to transported to Long Beach. There’s a large population of Japanese in America too. Pacific Islander’s were presented as Black People, instead of Brown. There was a protocol of storytelling this in a way, including their Tongan movement. Chuck Taylor’s were worn by NWA, it was borrowed from the Chicano community. Suga Pop and Foot Soul Jahs, for example.

Video by Savage

Early Hip Hop in NZ, strong community in Samoa and in NZ. Including the genre of Reggae.
Includes Bob Marley and The Herbs. Polynesian Panther movement.
Che-Fu’s father, Scribe’s father and Feliti from Nesian Mystic.

DAM NATIVE used the term Hori, relation to power and quality. Some use Rap to criticise others, like King Kapesi. Hip Hop was born out of comedy, like Kirsten White. Jay Z uses his language of Brooklyn where he grew up, which is most of his songs. Dawn Raid Entertainment means they are claiming it back, whereas in reference to the years of the Dawn Raids movement when NZ Police went into Polynesian homes and forced immigrants to be deported back to their countries, because they weren’t born in NZ.

It’s On” Video #1 by Nesian Mystic
They used rapping and a melody. It showed that Feliti and the others rapped the verses and Te Arawa sang the chorus and background vocals. It showed mostly of the four elements, including breakdancing, street art and the lyrics were spoken about life, how it is to be Poly for them. It sounded like New School Hip Hop, almost Rap, but with Poly style.

“” Video #2
It’s shows alot of political content and uses DJ’ing and MC and the same melody and the recreation of this language, how it is so important to them. The visual in the Victorian era, it was black and white because of the Colonisation. It’s a uniform that talks about a period of time, where it was at his height. How far back in history, maybe 3 generations ago.

26, Associative Writing


Last week there was a huge storm which scared the crap out of me. I was so scared that just for the fun of it. I went on Facebook and I typed in my status saying, “Hello, Mister Thunderstorm. Please don’t hit my house. I want to live another day. But I saw your lightning strikes, stop it with the flashing lights too. P.S. Please make sure my cat, Biscuit comes home safely. Thank you. XOXO, Burda Elli.” I don’t know why I said it, or why I typed it. I was freaking out, almost screeched little girl. I was able to go back to sleep afterwards, even though it was Tuesday and I was just saying this to my Dad, he thought I was just been a scared little girl who couldn’t stand the weather. Dad and I have this relationship that others don’t understand. But I knew sooner or later, we would start arguing about the damn weather. It wasn’t my fault, the storm came in sooner than I thought. I hate the rain. I hate the cold. I can’t stand them both. Wednesday, I finally got sorted with Work and Income, now I don’t have to bother about them until after I finish course in 5 weeks from now. I was finally free from all the appointments I have left now. Just next week, I have my Dental one, whatnot. It’s okay, I’m alright. I don’t have to worry about this again until July. So, I will be probably up to date, knowing that I can do anything about how I can focus more on my course outline and finally get this essay and seminar works done. As a comic book/street artist. I have been working on art pieces that have reflected on the pacific art history class. I was planning to make artwork and talk about them in the Powerpoint presentation. I was kind of thinking that my topic would be filled with artwork and that i would be talking about this in a sense of how I had research these topics that I would draw, paint, sketch, just to make a framework of what I have learned in this class. This week, I’ve had problems with the internet at home. So, I am at course typing this up. Only, because someone set fire to a couch that was next to our powerline and the phone line wasn’t working so we had to get it fixed with Telstraclear. It was ridiculous. I was so pissed off that I couldn’t use the internet until the power lines were fixed and replaced. I thought I had an idea on how to fix this problem myself after they did their job. I was ready with a few ideas for my essay writing. Now, I don’t remember the idea I had earlier. Now, I’m about to leave soon and I still haven’t come up with anything. I had been busy with my health issues and I became Anemic not so long ago, so now I’m going to go Doctors again. I haven’t seen my Doc since November last year. I don’t get sick often, because I am always careful whenever it comes to my health. I try to come up with an idea. I started painting a canvas in relation to Peter Pan. I became obsessed with one of the ABC’s Once Upon A Time series. The finale just aired and I’m still shocked on how it ended, I really enjoyed the cliffhanger to the next season. I was planning to finish this painting earlier. So I would have to finish this tomorrow on the weekend. Now I am back at course. I have finally talked down my brother and sister-in-law to come over on the weekend to see this painting and I didn’t know how they would react to it. So I can’t wait to see them both.