11, Keywords for All Lectures

  • Colonisation, Empowering, Centre/Margins, Imperial, Epeli Hau’Ofa,
    Our Sea of Islands, Oceania, Pacific History, Thought and Independence.
  • #SouthAuckland, Blog, Voice, Heart, Pacific, Discipline, Oceania, Otara, Identity,
    Online, Tumblr, Diaspora, Autobiographic, Curating, Holistic, Tattoo, Writing and Virtual.
  • Disadvantage, Taboo, Margin, Fa’afafine, Xena/X-Men, Power, Discipline, Control,
    Genealogy, Gender, Represent, Under Appreciated, Queer, Luisa’s Seminar and Gaze.
  • Doves, Religion, Tradition, Passion, Pin-Up Angels, Tongan, Identity, Experience,
    Addiction, Blood, Mr. Cartoon, Stan Lolohea, Tatau and Tattoos.
  • Superheroes, Armageddon, Life Drawing, Digital, Self-taught, Headlock, Manga Studio,
    Comics, Arkham City Comics, Southeast, Hand-drawn, Michel Mulipula.
  • Historical, Toasting, Signifying Monkey, Reggae, Black and White,
    Culture, Reappropriation, Call and Response, Beef with Someone,
    Dam Native, Dawn Raid Entertainment, New School Hip Hop,
    Tupac, Suga Pop, NWA and Nesian Mystic.
  • Aids, Network, Graffitti, Values, Boundaries, Hustle, Ykui, Roots, Expectations,
    Improvement, Humble Beginnings, Benjiman Work and Martin Leung-Wai.

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