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19, Comicology — My Seminar


I started off knowing exactly what I wanted to say. But once, I got going. I realized that I choked a little. I din’t understand why I was feeling like this. Although, my topic was about Comics. I was annoyed that half of my notes weren’t there on my power-point and I found myself little off topic because I didn’t know what I was talking about either. In the end, I felt that I didn’t do so well with it. It was awkward that I wasn’t asked questions. I knew that I was going to screw it up. I didn’t know what to do afterwards. Overall, I could have done better and I will do better, next year. I guess, I just wasn’t prepared enough o go through with the slides I was going to talk about in my seminar.


28, Creative Hustle, lecture & 2/Artist Talks


The gallery of showing an art work sale, what happens through the world of Arts. Margaret Wall had a show that sold many, she showed 9 paper work over a couple of thousand dollars. She representing Tonga and Motifs. Yuki Hara made these works on paper, paper cut out which set her mark, branding her work, creating self-portraits. Examples like the Dusky Maiden, Women in nudity, which is pushing the boundaries to another way of life. She was performing in Paris, France lasting for 2-3 minutes. It became a favourable like of work. She would do this event and would get a valuable pay, she is well-known for in New Zealand, but especially in the States. Jordan Souza is a Tattoo artist and came in 2010. Jordan was also a wood-carver as well, but he also wanted to make money too. New Flava Barbers by Allen Tonkin. He designs all the styles of hair cutting, styling others. Vinesh Kumaran has built his practice, he grew up in South side. As a Photographer, he was shooting a company for work-wear, for a whole day on a mannequin.


[#1]: Benjamin Work. Graffiti Artist of Tongan descent. He went to Edgewater College, He was trying to discover himself, through his own tag. His grades were good, he didn’t take Art anymore. He continued this way of tagging. He wanted to make a name for himself, where you got Gang related to develope this art form that he was heavily influence and like the movie, Colours. He grew up knowing about this LA lifestyle, influenced was Dazed52 in Pukaranga. People that were far better than him, that most gave up or went to jail. In the Graffiti movement, people compares themselves that he follows this method. After many years of experimenting was to burn the opposition where you’re competing against someone else. This was a jam in Sydney that it was too much for them. Letters, no characters and background is what decorates the background, looking at the style. This is a wall in Ponsonby which was a group effort. Graffiti is painting really fast and then it could have been gone tomorrow. The value doesn’t count and you have no say is not important. He tried to value himself as a person and an artist. The Birthday Banner Story, then his family brought him a bed sheet and he had to deal with it. It was for his nephew, Zachariah. Soon, everyone wanted these banners for him, like his Family, Friends, then Friends with their families and then strangers. [1], Humble Beginnings, don’t despise them. [2] , Opportunities could open up doors. [3], End of his banner work, others knew his was good. TMV is a Graffiti crew, recently his friend Elliot dis this commission to paint all of this stuff in his name. Tongan Arts Collective, arts exhibition where people network and work together by helping each other out. It really helps when others work together and make something new about themselves. Expectations, what they are of you and communication is very key and someone might expect too much and you can’t handle it and then you don’t know how to and you have to show 10 works, but you only have two. Expectations in your life, what do you desire and what do you expect from out of this course. 2006, Gospel Graffiti who create art and went to Mexico, people from all over the world. For him, it was how he loved doing work in these collectives, doing positive things and he left, because who you are is what you’ll be in the future. He realised he believed that he came out. It does a work of Sio, Tongan for look and it’s quite interesting, I thought. He did a work at Fresh Gallery, one that speaks about himself, but he’s still trying to find the significance of that.

[#2]: Martin Leung-Wai. Talks about Creative Hustle. Made a bag logo with THE ROOTS. He loves to draw and studied at Unitec, he also went to De La Selle too. He starting making models, using Photoshop and the thesis was one of the things that he likes to do, like dance. It all about the hierarchy of the space. How we acknowledge the space. After he finished studies, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t have any jobs and for six months, he was applying for jobs and no one didn’t want him, so he ended up doing other stuff. He went to Europe, Spain, Switzerland and then went back to New Zealand, so during that time he started expressing his creativity. His family was so supportive, and then he just ended up making portraits for families. His friend started a Creative Native. The projects he does now is about doing consultations and went to an interview for a public viewing. This new building in Manukau, but he didn’t get it. Does it matter? was at Fresh Gallery. It was a piece he made. THE ROOTS of South Pacific Architecture started when he collaborated with Ema, talking about the Creative Collective and all these ideas had to be realistic. Always open to everyone, involved with a lot of projects. The skills were all based on their workshops using these inorganic rubbish, now this year they were using bamboo. The Garden of Avondale is where they engage with primary schools, they planned this with the Principal, which was for free. Bamboo had to be sourced for themselves, used to create a fence. The gateway installing into one of the schools. Timber donated from ITM, Tyres from the shredding company and Compost, also Soil where they passed the bucket around. It was fun for them. Rosebank, everyone having fun. Seedlings, people planting seeds. This was the event and had kids’ rides. Ran for two days, all these workshops, etc. Planting, Tyres, Windmills, Lashings, Murals and also Kapa Haka Group performance. Three weeks later, all the vegetables were finished growing. Now the school sells the vegetables. Keeping it Roots, the budget was about $100K. After that, he started The Greener House. Inspiring the community. The Process was Supply, Sort, Assemble, Frame and Build. The Price was about $4K.

11, Keywords for All Lectures

  • Colonisation, Empowering, Centre/Margins, Imperial, Epeli Hau’Ofa,
    Our Sea of Islands, Oceania, Pacific History, Thought and Independence.
  • #SouthAuckland, Blog, Voice, Heart, Pacific, Discipline, Oceania, Otara, Identity,
    Online, Tumblr, Diaspora, Autobiographic, Curating, Holistic, Tattoo, Writing and Virtual.
  • Disadvantage, Taboo, Margin, Fa’afafine, Xena/X-Men, Power, Discipline, Control,
    Genealogy, Gender, Represent, Under Appreciated, Queer, Luisa’s Seminar and Gaze.
  • Doves, Religion, Tradition, Passion, Pin-Up Angels, Tongan, Identity, Experience,
    Addiction, Blood, Mr. Cartoon, Stan Lolohea, Tatau and Tattoos.
  • Superheroes, Armageddon, Life Drawing, Digital, Self-taught, Headlock, Manga Studio,
    Comics, Arkham City Comics, Southeast, Hand-drawn, Michel Mulipula.
  • Historical, Toasting, Signifying Monkey, Reggae, Black and White,
    Culture, Reappropriation, Call and Response, Beef with Someone,
    Dam Native, Dawn Raid Entertainment, New School Hip Hop,
    Tupac, Suga Pop, NWA and Nesian Mystic.
  • Aids, Network, Graffitti, Values, Boundaries, Hustle, Ykui, Roots, Expectations,
    Improvement, Humble Beginnings, Benjiman Work and Martin Leung-Wai.