26, Grant’s Tips & Guidelines


Writing an essay. Always come up with a good question. Is this going to answer my question? As you’re reading, a number of text as a base of your essay that could connect other ideas. Trying to create a network of ideas, which is an artists work. Introduce others to what they don’t know about. Reference these ideas in your essay.  Always use images, not just text. Key quotations, either put into a Powerpoint or in a narrative perspective. You can move slides around, back and forth or have them laid out on the floor. Some of them, drop out and you can block them around and then you can start telling the story.

Never use anyones words unless it is summarised into your own words. Find an artist of an image, for example. Use this as a link in terms of style and movement. Finding the right thing to connect these two paths. Grant can read these weird things and he can understand them when he talks about these things. In your own experience, you can involve your own work if it helps. But you must make a framework around that area of what you know about this topic. Which will help you with your essay. It must have a Statement, then insert an Example and then give quite detailed explanation to prove the point you are talking about in this piece of work.

Video by Steven Johnson, it is an animated comic video which is created with a whiteboard marker, a whiteboard and a video camera. A back and white sequence that the only colour added in this video is in red. It is a video about Creativity, which tells how people comes up with these different ideas that create on our own. It is an essay through animation.

The course outline. This is a 16 week essay. I plan to do my essay tomorrow, to come up with a few ideas. I want to talk about the differences between artwork and history. Seminar is the 14 June and Essay is the 28th June 2013.


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