27, Artist Talk by Rebecca Hobbs


Hip is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live, KRS-one

The four elements are Breakdancing, Graffiti, Dancing and DJaying.
In the 70’s — it had the Black people movement, which carried out for many years.
Hip Hop became like a space where people could hang out with their friends.

This was more like a poetic verses about a Monkey, a Lion and an Elephant. A fight between the monkey and the lion. This was referenced to “Yo’ Momma Jokes” — The storytelling of these monkey been weak, but the lion is strong.

The Historical Timeline was a backlash against disco. Studio 54. People going to nightclubs and taking drugs which was involved in the Disco era. Import Disco Loop into Disco with Hip Hop. Lyrical content and lyrics became more metaphorical.

Like, New School Hip Hop with drum machine, including Rock music. The Golden Age would be Salt & Pepper into the late 80’s and then NWA with Gangster Rap. Dr Dre start in 1992 with Gangster Rap as well. The clothes get tighter and loose. Gold chain represents African music, and in Hip Hop are important of this language in Hip Hop. It identifies more in the culture, the visual language of this, own personal success and history of the change in Hip Hop. NWA and Wu-Tang started with people like Tupac. DJ Skew in the 90’s of Chopped’n’Screwed. Hip Hop has become global and relates to the four elements.

Hip Hop in Aotearoa; Savage is a good example, and also Che-Fu. 15000 Samoans were living in America. Samoan Navy families were to transported to Long Beach. There’s a large population of Japanese in America too. Pacific Islander’s were presented as Black People, instead of Brown. There was a protocol of storytelling this in a way, including their Tongan movement. Chuck Taylor’s were worn by NWA, it was borrowed from the Chicano community. Suga Pop and Foot Soul Jahs, for example.

Video by Savage

Early Hip Hop in NZ, strong community in Samoa and in NZ. Including the genre of Reggae.
Includes Bob Marley and The Herbs. Polynesian Panther movement.
Che-Fu’s father, Scribe’s father and Feliti from Nesian Mystic.

DAM NATIVE used the term Hori, relation to power and quality. Some use Rap to criticise others, like King Kapesi. Hip Hop was born out of comedy, like Kirsten White. Jay Z uses his language of Brooklyn where he grew up, which is most of his songs. Dawn Raid Entertainment means they are claiming it back, whereas in reference to the years of the Dawn Raids movement when NZ Police went into Polynesian homes and forced immigrants to be deported back to their countries, because they weren’t born in NZ.

It’s On” Video #1 by Nesian Mystic
They used rapping and a melody. It showed that Feliti and the others rapped the verses and Te Arawa sang the chorus and background vocals. It showed mostly of the four elements, including breakdancing, street art and the lyrics were spoken about life, how it is to be Poly for them. It sounded like New School Hip Hop, almost Rap, but with Poly style.

“” Video #2
It’s shows alot of political content and uses DJ’ing and MC and the same melody and the recreation of this language, how it is so important to them. The visual in the Victorian era, it was black and white because of the Colonisation. It’s a uniform that talks about a period of time, where it was at his height. How far back in history, maybe 3 generations ago.


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