25, Poly Virtual Hypnosis


Networking sites were most popular now, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Many years ago, Janet Lilo which thought Bebo was about TOP 16. She made a projector out of cardboard boxes, a phone has different media. They can amke their own short films. Hip Hop video maker, which was only 5 years ago. Writing on someone’s wall was a way of writing on a table. She made a polystein loveheart. She cut together 10 people singing the same song, this is on her website.
“My Face” a mixed of MySpace and herself, Janet collect 1700 of these images. Polynesian’s are superhuman nice og big calf having and barbaque eating haka reciting and football and rugby playing beasts.

Tupac is featured in Janet’s work mostly because she was into that influence of Pacific people. The Niuean flag, is what she calls it #Polyslang. The language doesn’t always translate with a muddle of things. Charice made a body of work with communication language through twitter and it is very readable, almost like a blog. Tumblr was established in 2007, Ema uses it because it is used as a visual diary. Sharing your favourite imagery. All of them have problems but when we search for keywords within Pacific Art History. People post a lot of images on what they like, what art they really, really like. Team Poly, the brushstrokes of long hair.

The chatrooms around forums. These are probably mixed=race people. Posting photos of themselves in a pose, especially males who post them in the mirror, with their friends, showing off their tattoos. Nail Art is a really good one. I don’t paint my nails anymore, but i have a huge collection at the amount of over 30 now. There are also a lot of little girls dressed as Princesses, which I find quite sweet because every girl wants to be a princess. These are a loy of images on the Homeland, sunsets and sunrises for example. “Is that us dox?” How do they represent themselves, What started on Bebo, creation of our own brands, an S with our hands. Some say, this meant Southside. When I was a kid, I used to think this meant Superman. But no, I was wrong. Sorry. It’s kina of cool, put on Tumblr.


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