24, Artists Talk by Michel Mulipula


He is a samoan comic book arist/store clerk and professional wrestler, who lives in Mangere and co-owns a comic book store in Royal Oak Mall. He’s been reading comics for 20+ years and started drawing ever since then. Comic book is what got him reading, to learn to read. He never went to any Art School, but he wanted to draw comics. He didn’t wantto do any Fine Art course. “Any reading is good reading.” -Quote from Michel. All he wanted to do was to do comics. Comic books are Superheroes, mostly about movies. All the genres in general phase is Superheroes. But it doesn’t mean his comics are about superheroes. You’re making a movie on paper. To make these comics is to tell a story, whether it is moral or visual. His way of making these comic backgrounds is to telling many stories.

As a comic book artist, if you lose the read, so then the story is useless. The reader should be following the story, unless there is a reason to go off the topic. People spend a little more time to read a page, or creae one. The previous page is in colour, the next page is the relity of this story and forthcoming all of the comic. He does draw on paper, but also on digital work too. He uses both now. You read he comic from left to right all the time, he usuallys keeps his work in grayscale before he colours them. He doesn’t use a ruler that much anymore. He lets the lines speak from themselves. He uses traditinal pencils, photoshop for the colour, as well.

He started working in school journals. Especially for young readers, he simplifies these outcomes who are still struggling to read. He starts add more havoc in the pages that he thinks needs more illustrating or storytelling. He has been trying to do some Life Drawing as well, about himself. Nice simple layout and panels, same space and kind of move. He made an example from The Walking Dead, the zombie Apocalypse. “LIFE” Drawing on zombies, drawing what they would like if they were sill human. This was a fun coversation. Dealing with bordem.

n his Wrestling comic, playing rugby and adding in little jokes too, which makes his job a lot of fun. You look at how characters frame certain scenes. He also did a postcard which I had put in a post of mine last term. He handed these to the editors and people kind of sees what his artwork looks like. It shows his details too. The responses were very well presented, and the feedback was never what he ever expected. “V-Man” was worth #10 Grand, for this V drink and when he won. He waitedd 3 months until he was told that he won the competition of Pimp My Life. The process would be like the ‘life’ drawing, the easy it is to understand what these drawings are about.

The action scenes where people would help him act them out. When you act it out, you get to feel what is about. Acting it out, because it would look so cool on the page. Body language of acting out these scenes. If he was this character, what would they look like? Because then it would feel right, choose the right angle. Work out their movements. His image is more male dominate, whereas the females are to look more realistic, more athetic, muscular and taller. Femlae readers read non-superhero comics, rather then male reading more superhero comics. He doesn’t do any tattoos. He wants to do some motion comics. When he opened the comic book store with his mate, Jeremy. They did it because the could do it their way. ‘Arhkam City Comics’ they could put anything on the mugshots.

You don’t want to make each page look the same. The best angle to showcase that. A little darker to the point, most of these characters are depressed or what’s going to happen. He went to a lot of movies and got his ideas from them. You’re the Director of this movie put on paper, you are the creator of this comic book. It is a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed this artist talk by Michel.


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