21, Artist Talk: Leilani Kake


Residual Colonial Footprints: “If we can, they can. Equal is what we are” –Barbara Kruger.

Leilani’s talk I have learned that she talks about the human rights. A brief history from the sixties till now. What is happening with Pacific people? There was a massive movement around the world. There was this video about the world. You would have to do your own research, to perfect your practice. There was a Springbok tour, but Maori’s wanted to play in the SB tour. You couldn’t bring politics into sports. Racisms doesn’t exist, but if he does. It is on the streets.

Structural discrimination when a network in History, Economics, Education and Politics to strengthen your work. Be aware of what you’re going to accomplish in your life. We do have great education, but we have less equity. What is the representation of Maori point of views, within their voice. Their voice would be Te Reo Maori in the language. The difference between the positives and negatives of these stereotypes of Maori men because they don’t have a chance.

The labels of Maoris and Pacific of a fob, is that you know the ways of your people. Success of a normal 9-5 job who feeds their family and has a successful job. Especially when it comes to our cultural values. In term of knowing our history and knowing what we are doing for our future standards, it only happens through a wide spread of communication and education. March or protest Housing, Education, Healthcare, Justice systems, Wages, our children and a better future. [Ka Tirohia whakamuri, hei arattika whakamua],”Look back to be guided forward”


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