14, Michel Mulipola Response


Michel is of Samoan descent, he is a comic bookstore clerk, a comic book artist and a Professional Wrestler. Michel found his creativity from his uncles comics, ROM Space Knight. Once, he found them, he started drawing and that is when he realised he couldn’t get enough of comics. It was his dream to make comics. He got inspiration from everything, from movies to cartoons to his family and friends, like anything and everything.

The Highlight of his accomplishments was that he had won a Facebook competition called PIMPMyLife, how could that pimp his life with $10, 000 [10 Grand], so he flew himself to San Diego, California and went to ComicCon of comic book conventions and appeared on the shortlist for DC Comics as Michel Vaili [Mulipola] and because of his artwork, he was so excited about this. His work started off a comic book character, a real life pro-wrestler, he tried out for Impact Wrestling in Auckland, under as a strong/style villain as LIGER and he’s never looked back. He won a comic book award, but felt he didn’t deserve it, so he got his mates to hijack the awards and accept it on his behalf. One of them was 6 foot 11, he held him back while the other one kicked him in the face. His mother was upset, but he said ‘it was all good’, because it was just a little fun. Liger has many lovers, but none too familiar that Michel remembers. [he laughs about]

Michel Mulipola was the first Samoan artist to have ever made comics for either Marvel or DC, or even both at the same time. He hopes to do more for them in the near future, when he gets older.


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