17, Marianna Ellingson Response


Ellingson is a Papa New Guinean Officer, of Tourism in the Arts & Pacific Culture.

From a clip I found on YouTube, yet again. I though that I would make a response to this. So here it goes. She talked about Joycelin Leahy as a Curator trying to find Pacific Artists a gallery to set up their work. The area that no one pays attention to, certainly doesn’t pay much attention to, but it holds people together. It’s a really goof thing. Joycelin has done this, as a passion because the Government has told her to do it.

Stephen Buntrock is one example. Amongst these admiring the work, he is one who taught one of the artists. These were some of his students work on the wall in the galleries, he visited in another country. He goes on saying, that his students deserve to sell their work in Brisbane, because it is a fabulous place. Joycelin wasn’t worried about the supply side of the business. In the network, she made and met 50 artists from across the Pacific, who are Contemporary artists, where she is out to prove to these galleries that have rejected her attempts to be an agent. They were wrong.

“They could sell the work, just to get it from me. I’ll sell them myself” says Leahy.
Contemporary Artists love their own outlet in Australia.


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