16, Contemporary Pacidic Art finds Australian Audience Response


by Joycelin Leahy [a Curator, Beyond Pacific Art]from a YouTube clip

She is of Papa New Guinean descent, who completed a master’s degree in Museum Studies. Her interests were art, of course. It wasn’t easy going to another country, she set her culture down their way. She was trying to get galleries in Oz to promote Pacific Artists, she kept getting told NO! She was going around with the art, physically to go to galleries all over Brisbane. And again, they said NO! They said, one back to send the details, she’s lived in Brisbane for 8 years now.

It was tough for her because it was a big Pacific Community that people have lived in the Pacific Islands and Papa New Guinea, they were interested and the would buy the art. There were commissioned works based around the theme of environmental threats to the Pacific, like Mining Industries, that affected the land. PNG land was lost.

One painting was from a Fijian Artist named James Mason Lee. Silver Boy, his view on climate change of the major environmental changes has changed the world. There was a good turn out to the opening and the tourists of the culture, weren’t enough attention or the potential to the artistic creativity in helping PNG developments.


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