13, Genevieve Leitu-Pini Response


Iron Diamond & Diamond Back Rattlesnake, April 2013

She has so many journals, readings, but doesn’t like talking about it.
Anime, South was the most recent project.

She got her first tattoo, she decided after he Dad got one, because she did Photography. Feedback was quite strong, different perspective, understanding of visual language. They were taken at home. Her tatoo, samoan tattoo as a body, vessel, a whole lot of history, genealogy. Self portrait, Represent [2008] Out of Otara, who she is a Samoan New Zealander. The whole outfit. She doesn’t like cameras, the skins, the legs of her tattoo again. [2009] – the artists were invited to make different kind of work. Samoa Mo Samoa, slogan when Samoa was fighting for their independence, where it was placed, their history, from their tag found a sense of pride. She knew their history and knew where they were from. She thought it was strong and easy to read. There was a tattoo of her Dad, he just got his title, make samoan title, “Social Status in the Samoa, to be given a title, who you are and where you come from and what you will give back.” – but her Mum wasn’t pleased because it might have got inflected or he would have got sick. You get the tattoo in pairs. This photo goes around the whole female and male pattern.

553, before it became Fresh Gallery. Ink, blood, sowed it altogether into a blanket, something with a lot of soul, something to make it better. Collected the blood, a different translation, consumed with all these materials and identity as PIs, based this piece as the blood and the ink and the tattoo into something different of the translation. The rags out Aotea Centre, a whole lot of artist, including Jim V. She did Jewelry, she did work that looked like things that others felt offensive. She did paintings such as, Untitled [2006] – there was a time, she didn’t have a title for this one.  One, but a million. Black and white images. An experimentation, she didn’t like her class, she would have readings to make work. Made sculptors of architecture and the whole space, of the bodies between men and women and the issues she had. Everything changed, find herself somewhere, working with a lot of B/W photos and then moves to text, and read a lot of poetry. What she is talking about?

She has written down where she wants to go, Stand Under.

Her experiments were with bones, blood, hedgehog that was dried up on the beach. OMG!!! ;(

Flight of Fantasy,Maria  Cult Couture [2009] that her mother lectured. My heart, my soul, my blood. It was entirely made out of ribbon. Sugar Punch [2010] working with vinyl, all under $20 … looked like a rag over, so she made it tighter. She did an interview for Fresh TV, they asked her repeat herself on the TV, so she sounded angry on the YouTube clip. She found ways to make money in Mangere last year, magnets, ribbon earrings, textiles necklaces, etc. Images of some of the bags she made for Sugar Punch.

Thank you, Genevieve 😛


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