12, Luisa Tora’s Seminar: Building Archives or Seeking Community


Response to Luisa’s Seminar. Let’s Start!!!

Luisa talks about her work as a Journalist to come up with an angle. This was what she had chosen, a critical eye. What had to found in her life. Seeking out information in community as a Lesbian Pacific Woman. She tried to write alot in her own work. The issues of her Gender & Sexuality. This reference, that book and this topic. Exploring what she was looking for. The Male Gaze, she started learning about the Gays, it was really the straight, male, white gays. How women were portrayed as Gay Women outside the islands, was it them or was it something. A way to analyse visual culture, how an audience use them. How do you feel? Are people looking at you while you’re art is shown?

People say, asking do you know any books on this.
It was such a turning. She continued writing, take the poetry to a bar.
Michel Foucault, French philosopher.
Noora Ali, Maldivian flatmate. She came up with this equation.

Knowledge + Power = Truth, this was easier to talk about the Gays.

Knowledge is what you know, where your Power doesn’t mean you’re an equal, the Truth is how you find yourself. Gays make their art differently. She was educated by Activists, worked as an activists. Gender Bender, she is trong, educated and not straight, but an equal woman among her peers. The radical potential of working in the margins. What are they? You are different from the others, writing yourself into the margin, you’re not alone, front and centre. Her 21st birthday approach, drawn from her own work and community. Self-portriat [1998]  then she made a zine at Fresh Gallery workshop. If she put women in there, it would of been better. A Revolution requires one [2012], Stand By Me [2012], Chanel – C.R.E.A.M [2012], she did another one of her nieces too.

People she engaged with, over the years, the whole thing about been able to be drawn into this community, when she needed help, this was why you have the community, this is like the point, because she has many facebook friends, thinking she doesn’t talk to them.  Three things, exsistence of our families and networks, to acknowledge these people. The role we have as artists, amazing people she knows that we don’t, especially if the artists is on the margins and the third, its easy if you draw, but its really hard to use your skills, but sometimes you’re by side, stand up, breathe and let others see your work. Other people would put into Google with; queer, brown, women and this is very important.

Well done, Luisa.


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