8, The Adventures of AFI by Johnny Angel


In the year 3020, Technology and Tradition go hand in hand. Africa is now the world elite nation. Over centuries Africa’s technologies have advanced. Cancer can be destroyed at the cellular level. The tests show HIV is no longer present. They have developed force fields that will protect an entire country. This success led to the elimination of all disease.  Universal Games 3020, Africa wins Gold again. New Zealand is through to the next round. Fiji took it by two points and will play Africa in the next round. Australia go in the quarter round, but New Zealand are going to the next round and now the news. Meanwhile in Samoa. AFI, be careful. Can’t use the lawn mower, but kick boxers need strength and speed. His Father is a good man. It’s hard but life is hard at least Apia City hasn’t changed. Scanning Tattoo. AFI Eneliko, 20 years, Vaimoso Village. Welcome to Apia City. You must be kind to others. They will look after you. Focus n your studies. They wear Fa’a’fetai Lava. This has been a dream come true. My Family is my life. Back in the present, AFI drop off the crystals. Parents teach their children about their homelands and their culture. For example, Upolu, Vaimoso. Throughout Samoa, there is peace. But some disagree, thanks to Samoan police. No robots in Samoa, please. Tai is a Bollywood actor now, but not as good at Magasiva. Everyone knows everyone.

I really enjoyed this book because it talk about all the different cultures around the world, India, Samoa, Africa, Fiji to name a few. It’s talk about how these characters lived their lives on their homeland and how they experienced new things every day to get to where they are now. I would absolutely recommend this to others who loves comes as much as I do.


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