7, Misrepresenting Oceania


Who we are as Pacific people?

It was incorrectly false analyzed, it deceived others, tampering with the facts, their records and documents. Nude has been depicted, loaded with Sister Wendy that presents in Fine Art Paintings. From a 80’s Hawaiian calender, to whose behind the camera in tapa cloth that was found offensive. It’s Gender. It’s Identity. They showed shame because they don’t want to be seen. It was a way of life. It was how they were made to be seen.

Some people found it rude, and then there were other people who responded behind the camera. They just sat around, not doing much. It was an outside perspective that this culture would get massages, for them to be healed and felt better about themselves. A resemblance of what was real than to what was different in the art.

For example, ‘1 Noble Savage & 2 Dusky Maidens” [2000] by Chris Charterlis, Niki Hastings and Sofia Takela-Smith. An image that features a savage man, and two dusky maidens who were Fijian, Cook Islanders.

Gaze, what people see??? especially Tanu Gago, a samoan born, mangere raised male who is a samoan who has a mixed-multimedia art background.


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