6, Re-Imaging Oceania


In MEMORY of Jim Vivieaere — [1947-2011]

“I belong to Oceania – or at least, I am rooted in a fertile part of it and it
nourishes my spirit, helps to define me, and feeds my imagination.”
— Abert Wendt

In NZ they refer the Pacific people to Polynesian. This is the case, Oceania is considered The Pacific culture at its best, from the late Epeli Hau’ofa who wrote the French preference for the term of coming up with the word Oceania. A New Oceania, Rediscovering our ‘Sea of Islands’ … Towards a New Oceania, talks about how Outsiders imagine what these circumstances are and how they experience everyday life to the fullest. This separate the Pacific representations of Oceanic culture from the earliest as Western imaginations for Oceania.

In this world of Oceania, from the 19th century colonial artists and the 20th century modernists for this Western art practice by their art with imagery and subject matter. The colonial settlers, the other foreigners made Oceania their home and lifestyle. A inter-culture artistic exchange, negotiation and inspiration.


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