4, Gallery Visits @ Gus Fisher and Two Rooms


More Than We Know, by Pacifica Group from The Aux Arts Festival
-Gus Fisher Gallery

Today we took a ride up to this gallery in the van. I really enjoyed because we found many rooms of the gallery hilarious because it was a three story building and we went down stairs to see all the sculptor from inside and out. Most of us were tired coming back up, we thought that we would all get lost. But I liked the moving image piece because this man was seen in the hallways, outside with his peers. I didn’t understand what the work was about, but I loved how the ceiling reflected the moving image piece. It was a perfect circle and that we all were very tired coming back up seeing the performing art area, the dance room they called it.

Ko e Hala Hangatonu, by Robin White & Ruha Fifita
-Two Rooms Gallery

This one was my  favourite because I found that I was quite interesting in Robin White’s work. I loved how she drew the drawing in a black felt of some sort, and then use some twig strings and like pattern on some sort, it formed images that I never thought were there. I really liked the tapa cloth collaboration where there were dozens of people happening her make this huge piece of tapa cloth. I never realised how big it was until I saw it outside on the floor. The drawing were so interesting because I didn’t know what they were all about or what they represented but I wanted to learn more about it.


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