3, Pacific Thought


What is Pacific Thought?

They are thoughts of many ideas around the Pacific region, what is the importance of Pacific Art History, whether it is from the artists, and/or from the books itself. You can also look at it from a Poetic Perspective.

Imperial area: Dominations. A theory in reference to Evolution, where White people were a superior race as to Monkeys, because they ran the world, like for example. Rise of Planet of The Apes, 2011 was a brilliant film I had watched last year. It scared the crap out of me. It’s Colonisation in the 17-1800’s explorers of Europeans taking over the Pacific. They were new explorers drawn into the Pacific. These can also be viewed in Collections too.

The Arrival of Maori’s in NZ – Colonial Art

James Cook discovered the Pacific of Colonisation

There are books on Fiji, including Warfare, the Totem Fish [turtle]

Kingfish – it is a tattoo to guide you

Fiji Independence – October 1970, lowering the Union Jack

Missionary was the voice of literature

“Songs of Love” Poetry by Konai Helu Thaman

“Oceania is us… we are the sea, we are The Ocean.” – Epeli Hau’Ofa

Coconuts Think, Jim Vivieaere

–       Adopted parents, indulged into his Cook Island Heritage

Pacific Language is Pronunciation, the effort to say their words and they are unspoken and manifested. When you massage a Pacific woman, it means they are healed to make them feel better, because it is a health wise matter.

-Climbing to Find II – Mark Dewes

-Untitled [2011] – Siliga David Setoga

Primary source of resources on Pacific Autographic
– something shapes the world

Epistemology/Independence – planting and/or growing [in Glossary]

Personal Note: Today I learnt many things that was related to myself around others. I am still trying to find my voice in this class. I had struggled to read, that reading Ema had given us. I told Ema that I could relate to the fact that I am still trying to fit in, because I am used to being by myself. I don’t know anyone here, but I do know 1-4 people already. But I mentioned to Ema that fitting in with the others is huge challenge for me, because I couldn’t speak good English properly in high school. I still can’t pronounce certain from the reading I was given and though I tried my best with it. I don’t like big words, because I don’t understand most of them. I guess, that’s why they call it, a Glossary. I think that I will mention this is the response to the Curating the Pacific reading… there are going to be two parts of it.


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