1, Introduction to the Brief


Pacific Art History from an Eccentric View.
Week ONE//01/03/2013

Sociological-The Culture of The Pacific
Poetry – Pimpiknows.com, Southside by Ema Tavola
About Pacific Thought, for next weeks class

Welcome to My Blawg, by Ema Tavola
Curating Pacific Art -Thinkers of making art, new forms and/or styles of Art

-Curator? Producers in film, these people make it happen.
Misrepresenting Oceania, gender, feminism, tourism,
Including South Auckland.

Gender and Sexuality, activism – Gay Identity. Tattooed Interventions, social of all. Residual Colonial Footprints, present in us, shows dealing with these issues. Pacific Art Real-time, it is a view from the outside, where you are looking out and this creativity is outside and for example, the hair cutting. Poly Virtual Hypnosis, like forming a layer of visual culture. The Creative Hustle, it is reality and its speaker is talking about its’ price/cost

Diaspora-drama, this talks about the identity change. Black voices/Brown voices, it talked about the music, the languages with its change is Inevitable… i.e. Whitney Houston. The Unknown, this is the class where we get to choose our topic. -Hibiscus, Royal Couple-Prince William and Kate, -Tapa cloths -Motifs, can’t trademark culture -Ownership culture.

How Pacific Islanders Party??? Unsure of this assessment

At the end of the semester, hand in 2000 word essay @ 9:30am -Also research, journal and wordpress/tumblr blogs.

Journal/Blog – 25%
Seminar – 25%
Research Essay – 50%
Tutorial /Assessment Q&A

Idea of Journal writing and blogs, is to write everything you see everywhere, test your voice and write about all sorts of everything. Autobiographic Voice, next lecture. [being able to communicate, an idea in a different way, voice is VERY important, especially about its’ History and its art form.]

Feedback, this will be different from my journal. [note;] First of all, I felt a little awkward introducing myself to the class, because I think that I was the only one new to this class, except from some of them I knew from the other class I heard about. I don’t know much about Pacific Art, but I do know a little, although I want to learn much more about this subject, so that I can pass. I am familiar with John Pulu’s work because I learned about him, last year with Deborah C and Emma M .. My focused is that I want to feel more confident in finding my voice in this class, because this is what this class is all about, apparently.. so I am going to do my best. I also want to be more social with my new classmates and I want to make an improvement by passing my last paper for the year. I am going to work very hard with this subject and because this is going to be a big challenge for me, so I will have to try much harder this semester.

So, what is Pacific Art to me? Again, this will be different from my journal writing. But to me, Pacific Art is all about the natures of knowing what I have missed out last year, because I was going to this class in 2012, semester 1, term 2 but I had a lot of things going on. So, I pushed that paper to the side, although I was fully aware that I would have to do this paper to move along with Year 3. I have seen many artists, but I don’t really understand the concept of Pacific Art. As a Comic/Street Artist, I am thinking of doing some drawing I think would be appropriate for my seminar, [maybe] although I still haven’t decided what my topic will be about.. I am still unsure of it.


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